Tara Puja Donation

18 January 2017




In late March, Rinpoche will be doing an extensive Tara puja in Bir, India and he would like to make available the opportunity worldwide for the sangha to donate to it. He said: “ those who wish to make a connection with this puja and accumulate merit for various reasons like health and protection, should go to the Siddhartha's Intent website for directions how to do that.”

Donation will end on February 23. If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please donate through:

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Hk Teaching Podcast

08 January 2017

"How Bankers, Homemakers, and Others Can Practice the Six Paramitas” Podcast Online

December 9-10, 2016 - Hong Kong
Sometimes people first encountering Buddhism feel overwhelmed by the scope of the Buddhist path or they get the impression that it’s just too difficult to follow. Even longtime practitioners can feel this way, when faced with the responsibilities of our modern fast paced world. So, in an effort to appeal to as many as possible, Buddhist and non-Buddhists alike, here Rinpoche gives very accessible teachings which include important points on the Four Immeasurables as well as the Six Paramitas, woven with practical advice and examples of how we can merge these valuable Dharma teachings into our daily lives.